Baked goods, biscuits and pastries

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Suitable Products

White granulated sugar

Granulated sugar

Granulated sugar is white sugar corresponding to the EC 2 quality with 3 granular sizes:

  • Fine sieved granulated sugar K1
  • Medium sieved granulated sugar K2
  • Medium unsieved granulated sugar K20
Calibrated and Icing sugar

Caster and Icing sugar

Standard refined sugar with a precise calibration

  • S0 Icing sugar 0,08 - 0,1 mm
  • S1 Ultra fines sugar 0,2 - 0,35 mm
  • S2 Fine sugar 0,35 - 0,55 mm
  • BD Brillant Décor 1,4 - 3,15 mm
Pearl Sugar of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise

Pearl sugar

Pearl sugar is a typical Belgian specialty, mostly used in artisanal recipes, like lieges waffles, sugarloaf, sugar bread, cracknels, cakes, baked specialties,… Pearl sugar is often used for decoration of baked goods, giving the crunchy finish.


The particularity of these sugar pearls is that they don't melt during cooking. And this guarantees a delicious crunchy effect of your homemade pastries.


Liege waffleOur Pearl sugar is exported all over the world, to different European countries, but also to Japan, Australia, the USA, Canada and even Korea. This is why pearl sugar is also known under different names like Perlesukker, Sucre PerléCasson, Hagelzucker, Hail (stone) sugar, Pärlesocker, nib sugar, depending on the country where it is used.


The Pearl sugar of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has an extreme purity and is very white. Our Pearl sugar has a typical optimal hardness, thanks to the cold pressing at high pressures and softly drying during a long period.


Our Pearl sugar is made from sugar with CE1 quality and is available in 7 different calibers:

  • sugar breadP1: 1,6 – 2,5 mm
  • P1/2: 1,6 – 4,0 mm
  • P2: 2,5 – 4 mm
  • P3: 4 – 5,6 mm
  • P4: 5,6 – 8,0 mm
  • P4/5: 8 – 10 mm
  • P5: 10 – 16 mm
cane sugar

Cane Sugar

  • Dry, free-flowing and homogeneously granulated Cane Sugar, slightly brown
  • Contains natural elements distinctive from Cane Sugar that preserve its distinctive taste and aroma
  • It is considered the real Cane Sugar
liquid sugar

Liquid sugars

A sweet sugar solution available with different dry solid content and colour specification

  • RAFTISWEET S 100/66/35
  • RAFTISWEET S 100/66/15
  • RAFTISWEET S 100/67/35

These products can also be produced from cane sugar (CB) or beet sugar (BS).
Specifications are available upon request .

invert liquid sugar

Invert sugars

Sugar is split into fructose and dextrose. A range of products is available with different inversion rates, dry solid contents and colour specification

  • RAFTISWEET I 33/73/35
  • RAFTISWEET I 33/73/15
  • RAFTISWEET I 05/70

These products can also be produced from cane sugar (CB) or beet sugar (BS).
Specifications are available upon request .

Glucose Fructose

Gluctose-fructose syrups

Standard iso-glucose (F42 & F55) can be delivered when high sweetness and low costs are needed. Furthermore many other compositions of glucose and fructose are available

  • RAFTISWEET F 42/71
  • RAFTISWEET F 55/77
  • RAFTISWEET F 325/79


Almost all sugar compositions are possible. A wide range of glucose, maltose, fructose and sugar contents. Other ingredients like honey, caramel, sorbitol, colors, flavors, acids etc. can be added.

  • RAFTISWEET S 30/71
  • RAFTISWEET S 50/75
  • RAFTISWEET T (tailor-made)
candy syrup

Candy syrup

Candy syrup is obtained from the production of candy sugar.

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Tailor-made (see blends)
organic liquid sugar


A wide range of organic liquid syrups are available (e.g. Organic Liquid Sugar, Organic Invert Sugar and Organic blends).

These sugar-based organic solutions can be produced with different inversion rates, dry solid contents and colour specification.

An important difference within this product group is the origin of the raw material, which can be derived from cane sugar (CS) or beet sugar (BS).  (Specifications are available upon request)

Through an extra process step, low colouring (LC) of organic liquid sugar or organic invert sugar can be reached.

The organic liquid sugar and organic invert sugar are also available as Fair Trade (FLO).

It is also possible to mix other ingredients in the blend, e.g. biological honey, agave syrup,…

  • Naturesweet I 33/73
  • Naturesweet I 33/73 LC
  • Naturesweet S 100/67
  • Naturesweet S 100/67 LC
  • Naturesweet FS 30/75 LC
  • Naturesweet T


Fondant is a white, homogeneous solid paste and consists of finely crystallized sucrose and glucose syrup.

  • Standard fondant
  • Ready to use fondant
  • Freeze thaw stable fondant (icing)
  • Glazing
  • Fudge
  • Flavoured fondant
  • Roll fondant
  • Powdered fondant
  • Tailor-made
Invert Sugar Paste - Trimoline / Lebboline / Bloomoist

Invert Sugar Paste

Trimoline® / Lebboline® and Bloomoist are inverted syrups with a high dry substance (80%). By using a special production process, the product is transformed into a soft, white paste or a cream coloured crystallized mass.

Decorative Sugar - Raftisnow

Decorative Sugar

Brand Name: Raftisnow®

Raftisnow® is a fine, white decorative powder, based on icing sugar. It is coated with vegetable fat and wheat starch.

  • Raftisnow®
  • Raftisnow® extra
  • Raftisnow® palm-free (based on cocoa butter)
  • Tailor-made
Coloured Sugars

Coloured Sugars

This sugar is obtained by mixing fine sugar crystals with more or less coloured syrups, containing invert sugar

  • Brown (extra pale, pale, dark, extra dark)
  • Basterd sugar
  • Tailor-made (different colorus or acids)
Colouring and Flavouring Caramels

Colouring and Flavouring Caramels

Flavouring caramels

The flavouring caramel in liquid / powder form is manufactured from pure, slightly caramelized sugar with a typical caramel taste and flavour.

  • Liq. Caramel 78/0077
  • Liq. Caramel 72
  • Caramel essence
  • MAR 500/0260 (caramel powder)

Colouring caramels

The colour caramel is a dark brown liquid prepared by the controlled heat treatment of carbohydrates.

  • Dan 14000 (E150A)
  • Colorleb sucramel 30/1314 (E 150C)
Sugar Coatings and Fillings

Sugar Coatings and Fillings

The Fudge can be used as an icing or as a filling.

  • Caramel Fudge icing
  • Chocolate Fudge icing
  • Coffee Fudge icing
  • Neutral Fudge icing
Candy Sugars

Candy Sugar

Candy sugar consists of granulated crystals, obtained from cooling down strongly concentrated saccharose solutions boiled  at very high temperatures. It could contain a little quantity of vegetable fibers. The rough crystals are "broken" and sieved in different sizes.

Candy Powder

Candy Powder

Candy Powder is obtained from the candy sugar crystal production. The Candy Sugar molasses are concentrated by a boiling process until oversaturation. The small crystals which are formed are separated from the syrup by centrifugation. These crystals are called 'Candy Powder'.

  • Candy Powder Brown
  • Candy Powder Pale