Do you have questions about the industrial products of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise? Please look at our FAQ and find the answer.

Still some questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.


I can’t find the appropriate document – who can I ask to get it?

Please feel free to mail to : quality@raftir.be 


Crisis number

The 24-hour available crisis number is mentioned in the “Technical documentation” in the document “General fiche sugar” (page 10 on 10).


What documents can I use for my IFS/BRC certificates? (technical sheets + General sheet + Doc QSE)

In order to help you set up your IFS file, you will find all the required information about our products by combining 3 documents:

  1. The “Specification sheets” of the concerned product
  2. The “General sheets” about sugar (which summarize all the specific data about sugar as an ingredient).
  3. The “General Information QSE” gives a complete description of the quality system in place at RT.


The rabbi will soon be coming – where can I find a Kosher certificate?

You will find it in the section “Certificates”.


Is the certificate I am looking for up to date? (deadlines, end of the campaign…)

All online documents are the latest available version. As soon as there is a new version, the site is updated; specifically the yearly certificates cannot be published before the end of the beet campaign. The campaign generally lasts until mid-January. This means you will find all updated certificates towards the end of January. 


Where do I find attest “x”?

There are 3 sections on the website:

  1. Section1 (“Certificates”) contains specific documents linked to a norm or to a specific request.
  2. The “Technical documentation” gathers more general documents, which give global data, application advice and describe the best way the products have to be produced.
  3. The “Specification sheets” gather the technical sheets of all the RT sugar references.


Batch code

You can find this information in the “Technical documentation” under “General sheet sugar” (table page 10 on 10).


Why can I gather all the information about my product from a standard document (drawn up on basis of the different sugar specifications and general characteristics which are valid for “sugar” as product)

If the specification of sugar can change according to the purchased reference, the global properties of the product stay similar from an article to another.


What relevant risks do I have to take into account in my HACCP for sugar?

According to your application, you will find all relevant data in the document “General sheet about sugar”.


What do I have to put on my production labels when I use sugar from Tienen?

The legal designation of sugar as an ingredient for labeling is “sugar” or “white sugar”.

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